Friday, September 24, 2010

Manifolds on Main Street

This is a trophy for best Sportscar  for the Manifolds on Main Street Car Show in Irving, TX.  I painted the trophy last year for this same event-just changed the car to last year's winner- a birdcage Maserati. Last year's trophy is on my website- page 6 of my stone gallery photos. I'll probably change that to this years  some time. This is a nice car show to go to and is tomorrow-should be fun-if it doesn't get rained out!

Friday, September 17, 2010

New England covered bridge

This is a  painting I created for a lady that brought several pictures from a trip to New England. In her photos were lots of beautiful trees turning in the fall. The covered bridge was one they had seen and really loved. There were trees that had fallen that I also included for her. Lots of color and a fun painting to create. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bluebonnets and Triumphs

A few years ago, I received a call from a lady that was wanting to have a mural  with bluebonnets in her new home.As we were talking, we were discussing the build. They were mainly building to upgrade the garage area. Laughing, I said I understood as we had old cars and in fact, had recently joined a car club for that type car. She said ,"Oh really-what type of car?"  I said ,"Triumph". And she laughed-They had  a Triumph TR7 and a Stag-we had a Spitfire and a TR6.They also had been in the club for a long time-so I do believe we were destined to meet!
This painting is mainly a landscape with trees and lots of bluebonnets, If you look at it closely you will see Jim driving  his pageant blue TR7.  It is such a small world:)

Friday, September 3, 2010


This is a mural that I recently finished for a customer for a condo on the gulf coast. This was designed after looking at some photos from the New England area. Needing a southern feel to the landscape, I went with palms and made it a place I would like to go.  I'm pleased with the finished painting-and I hope you enjoy it.