Friday, February 18, 2011

China painting -the LHJ way

 To paint a mural for a shower installation, it was better to paint on porcelain or ceramic tile than stone. If the painting were on stone, it would not last as well since the stone is a soft material and the water from the shower would eventually erode the painting. On a glazed tile, it would be fired  in a kiln and become part of the glaze making it more durable.
This is a mural that I recently painted for a shower. This is done in china paint on ceramic tile.

This is how the painting looked after the first firing. In this process the paint is made from ground minerals(china paint) that are mixed with oils and painted in layers that are fired in a kiln to become part of the glaze. This painting is 30" x 36". The tricky part of this kind of painting ,is that the paint does not cure and will wipe off very easily prior being fired.. So you start at the top and work your way to the bottom. Too much paint and it will pop off in the kiln. Too much heat and it burns off the color. Too little heat and it doesn't become part of the glaze.

This is after the second firing. At this point, I could add color to the wall and add a little more detail. The paint will still come off until fired, but it stays on a little better.

This is the mural after the final firing. I'm know some paint with more firings,but this is the way that works for me.