Friday, July 30, 2010

National Bohemian Beer

This is a mural that I did for a lady in the New England area. She had call asking if I could do one for her bar area. There was a beer company that her father in law had worked for that was no longer in business. They had collected items from the company and thought it was perfect to put something in honor of this wonderful man. They also ate crabs and clams that they caught and wanted items to go with that. So in the picture is Old Bay and vinegar that they liked with the crabs, a mallet,clams, and a piece of seaweed in the crab's claw-along with the National Bohemian bottle and and glass.

National Bohemian Beer

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome to LHJ Painting Away.

First, I would like to explain the title of my blog. It's very simple I love Jethro Tull music and there is a song that says something like "skating away on the thin ice of a new day". So, I'm painting away ...on the tile of a new day.

A lot of times as I work with customers, I meet people who want something a little unusual that they don't want to be really all that noticeable to the outsider. Little things in their mural that makes it special to them and to them alone.

I had a sweet older man call one day wanting to do a mural like I had on my website( that was wine,grapes, and some other fruit. Then he said ,"I would like to have this date on the wine label, also,Santa Barbara, California"(where met his wife of 50 years) -all perfectly normal requests.Then he told me that they really didn't care for wine and could I put Cherry coke on the label instead-that's what they had to drink on their first date. And he was more of a Miller Lite man-could I put that in there some how-in a can - not a bottle- cause that is how he liked them. I said,"Sure whatever you want I think I can work in the painting" He was so nice-He also wanted -4k-5gk on the label(for kids and grandkids) and the Sea bee logo-a bumble bee- not just any bumblebee-but a gun toting one! LOL It all sounded like a lot -I was more worried about making the can look metallic -as all this was on a porcelain tile and I wanted it to come out right the first time.

It was fired on the tile using China Paints. Here is the finished product.